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Reliable Corporate Office Cleaning Service

Posted on August 26, 2022

Corporations and small businesses are run by busy people with the ambition and motivation to track down new leads and generate more work for everyone at the company. You are making calls, meticulously looking over spreadsheets, and courting clients to improve the overall direction of your business. Nowhere in the midst of that busy schedule is there time for office cleaning.

What are you going to do? You cannot take time away from running your business or delegate office cleaning to somebody else who does not have a free minute to do it. That is why United Carpet Cleaning in Monrovia is here to simplify your decision-making when it comes to cleaning around the office. 

You only need to make one extra phone call during your hectic work day, and it will be to our friendly staff managing the phones. Within a minute of calling, we set you up with an appointment and notify our nearest carpet cleaning crew to go directly to your place of business. Speed and convenience are what differentiate United Carpet Cleaning from the competition!

Overall, there are three main characteristics of our company that allow us to work so efficiently and service every office building in the greater Monrovia area!

1. Professional Staff 

We take care of every phase of the carpet and upholstery cleaning process and execute it to perfection. Couches, chairs, conference rooms, and employee gathering areas will be spotless once our seasoned crew of carpet cleaning technicians is finished with their work. Customer satisfaction means a great deal to us, and if the job fails to meet our high expectations, we continue working until we have succeeded.

Experience might be one of the most important qualities to possess in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. We at United Carpet Cleaning are proud to say we have some of the best carpet cleaning technicians on our team with several years of combined working experience. You will be able to notice immediately because nobody leaves a corporate office cleaner than us!

2. Top-Grade Equipment 

An elite crew is nothing without the proper equipment. Carpet cleaning technology has recently  advanced with more sophisticated tools and machinery. United Carpet Cleaning stays ahead of industry trends and we are constantly adapting and using the latest gadgets. For example, our steam cleaning machine is capable of digging deeper into carpet and upholstery to lift deep stains. 

This is only possible with the right equipment that combines the correct ratio of steam and pressure together for a smoother clean. We take it a step further by only applying organic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions during every office appointment. United Carpet Cleaning believes in committing toward a higher purpose of creating minimal impact on the environment.

3. Energized Work Ethic

By definition, a professional staff is merely a group of people who get paid for completing a particular task. Every company falls into that category. But what separates United Carpet Cleaning from everybody else is our relentless pursuit of good character. 

Attacking each work day with positivity and enthusiasm to accomplish great things. That is who we are and we will always strive to carry ourselves in this manner for every carpet and upholstery cleaning job.

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