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Mattress Cleaning

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Mattress Cleaning in Monrovia

Mattress Cleaning Service

Many people throw their sheets in the wash every once in a while and call it a day. They don’t realize how dirty their mattress gets until it’s too late. Nobody thinks to hire a professional mattress cleaning service. They just go about their day while bacteria is festering inside the very surface they sleep on every night.

Our Monrovia mattress cleaning technicians can help clean your mattress in no time. Getting our services done is crucial, and you shouldn’t overlook it. Mattress cleaning in Monrovia is important. So what happens when you don’t get your mattress cleaned regularly? What’s going on under the surface?

One Day of No Mattress Cleaning

A mess has already started to form by the first night you sleep on your mattress. It’s slow, small, and inconsequential at this stage… but it builds every night. It’s important to learn about grime and how it builds up. You may not need a mattress cleaning in Monrovia yet, but a mess is beginning. So what exactly happens after one night of sleeping on a mattress?

As you sleep, oils from sweat and dead skin flakes are shed onto your sheets. Bits of these organic materials seep into the mattress below. The oil is soaked by the fiber and forms a yellowy film, discoloring your bed and aging it rapidly. Meanwhile, the skin flakes are eaten up by dust mites, who make a home in your bed where they start to breed.

One Year of No Mattress Cleaning

You’re supposed to hire a Monrovia mattress cleaning service at least once a year. So let’s see what it looks like after this year has passed, and it’s time to get it cleaned again.

Now the dust mites are swarming. They’re not just eating dead skin flakes. They’re munching on any bits of food or other organic material that come off of your body while you sleep. If you don’t wash your hands every time you eat, you’re tracking food particles everywhere you go, and dust mites are taking advantage of that.

The oils are still accumulating. Your mattress might already be starting to discolor, depending on how sweaty you are.

All this time has also allowed gritty particles to gather inside the bed. These tear up the fibers as you toss and turn, causing abrasions and slowly destroying everything.

Ten Years of No Mattress Cleaning

So what happens if you just never bothered to call a Monrovia mattress cleaning service and get your mattress cleaned?

Your mattress is now fully yellowed. You’re not getting that white color back. And who knows what other colorful stains have accumulated over the years?

The fibers are being torn out in spades. You’re probably covered in mattress fuzz every time you wake up. Nothing is holding together anymore.

You’re probably coughing as you get up in the morning. That comes from breathing in dirt, dust, bacteria, and dust mite droppings. None of that stuff is good for you.

Don’t let this happen. Call our Monrovia mattress cleaning service today.


What is the proper way to clean a mattress?

Getting your mattress deep cleaned by a Monrovia mattress cleaning professional is the best way to get a mattress cleaned.

Is it okay to steam clean a mattress?

Steam cleaning is a great way to clean a mattress! It’s able to clean much more in-depth than other traditional cleaning methods. Our Monrovia mattress cleaning technicians use steam cleaning all the time.

How often should you clean your mattress?

You should get your mattress deep cleaned at least once a year to keep it fresh.

What causes yellow stains on mattresses?

Oils cause fibers to yellow over time. If your mattress is getting yellow, chances are that’s from your sweat and body oil.

Should I vacuum my mattress?

You should attempt to keep your mattress clean, and vacuuming is an excellent first step. You should also hire a professional Monrovia mattress cleaning service.

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