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Most Effective Mattress Cleaning Tools

Posted on September 30, 2022

Most substances that stain a mattress or add to the general degradation of the cushioning cannot be removed with a vacuum. And even if you are eating in bed, getting crumbs everywhere, it is likely going to get caught in the sheets and blankets.

Cleaning your mattress itself is going to be a bit more difficult than tossing some sheets in the washing machine. Part of that difficulty is knowing what tools you need to effectively clean a mattress. These tools remove odors, minor stains, and difficult stains.


There is a difference between a deodorizer and an air freshener. An air freshener is designed to add a competing scent to the room that masks whatever substance is imitating the distasteful odor. A deodorizer can either absorb or dissipate the source of the smell.

You want to have more than a fragrance because a smell is an indication of diminished air quality. It is not ideal to simply ignore tainted air. For example, you may be smelling mold. So if your deodorizer is not removing the scent, you know that deeper cleaning is required.

Steam Cleaning Machine

A professional mattress cleaning company utilizes a steam cleaning machine. If you want to clean your mattress like the experts, there is no better tool than a steam cleaner. However, they can be difficult to use correctly if you are not properly trained.

Heat and moisture are two of the most ideal methods for cleaning. Moisture helps separate impurities from surfaces. Heat allows you to sterilize almost anything and is a great environmentally conscious alternative to chemical cleaning solutions.

Spot Cleaner

For very difficult messes, you will want a spot cleaner. The use of these chemicals should be minimized and isolated to the harshest part of the stain. Because your mattress is most likely white and will spend most of its time covered by a fitted sheet, you may be tempted to use a very strong spot cleaner.

Resist the temptation to use the strongest spot cleaner because you do not want to breathe in harsh chemicals while you are sleeping. For the right spot cleaner that has the strength you need without the side effects, contact a professional cleaner.

In Closing

When you are looking for mattress cleaning, you can turn to a Monrovia carpet cleaning service. The tools and training they have to clean carpets is generally transferable to mattress cleaning. Carpet cleaners will have a variety of cleaning products and a steam cleaning machine.

However, be sure to double-check that mattress cleaning is among the cleaning services offered by the company you are using. Not every carpet cleaner cleans mattresses. If they do not advertise it, they may still give it a shot, but they may not know exactly what they are doing.

If you are anywhere near Monrovia, give United Carpet Cleaning a call for the best local mattress cleaning service around. You won’t be disappointed, and you can get back to resting easy (literally). Your dreams with thank you for contacting United.

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