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How To Give New Life To An Old Rug

Posted on January 27, 2023

Your rug may be old, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Whether you got something new at an antique store or have just had this one around for a few years too many, you want to refresh and revitalize your old rug.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to help you breathe new life into your rug. Take it from the pros at United Carpet Cleaning in Monrovia.

Vacuum and brush

First, go over the rug with a vacuum. Try to pick up as much dirt and miscellaneous grime as you can. Every time someone walked on this rug, they’ve left something behind, so try to get everything.

After that, brush out the fibers with a stiff brush. This will ensure you get anything the vacuum may have left behind.

Get out indents

Brushing may not have removed all the indents if the rug’s been under some furniture for a while.

You can get them out if you let an ice cube sit in the indent for a while. Let it melt, and then lift up the fibers with a brush or fingers. They should have now returned to their original thickness.

You can also use a fork to pull the fibers upward and eliminate the dent.

Spot-clean the stains

Here, you have a lot of options. You can try any cleaning products. You can also go for a household staple like baking soda or vinegar. Remember to always spot-test a cleaner before using it on your Monrovia home’s rug.

Get rid of the smell

Your old rug likely has a bad smell at this point. Try to find a carpet cleaning product that can eliminate nasty odors. Many fabric softeners work for this, as does baking soda if the smell is caused by a specific stain. Use a product that smells nice to you and one that the rug you’re cleaning can handle without sustaining damage.

Trim loose fibers

Trim some of the loose fibers so that the rug looks less weathered. Don’t pull them out – snipping with scissors is a much safer move. Cut as close as possible to the base while ensuring no other fibers are in the scissor’s path.

Use salt to revitalize dyes

If your rug looks faded, here’s one thing you can try that may help bring back some of the colors.

Make a solution of ½ cup salt and 3 cups water. You may want to add 1 cup of vinegar to this solution too. Soak a rag or sponge in it, and then rub the solution all over your rug.

Leave the rug to dry and vacuum up any remaining gunk. The colors may look brighter afterward.


Overdying is a complicated process where you bring color back to your rug by dying it all over again. Buy some dye that matches the original color, follow the instructions, and enjoy your Monrovia home’s newly-dyed rug. Remember that this only works for natural rugs, not synthetic ones.

Professional cleaning

Finally, get your rug steam cleaning from a Monrovia cleaning professional. The process of professional rug cleaning is thorough and gets rid of the grime that other cleaning methods can’t, so call a Monrovia carpet cleaner today.

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