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5 Harmful Substances Rug Cleaning Removes

Posted on October 28, 2022

There are some messes that you might feel that you can live with. But other stains and substances that end up on your rug should be cleaned before they harm your carpet or even you. Take immediate action and clean away these five harmful substances that are on your rug.

1. Fungi

Mold and mildew are common examples of fungus, and they can grow quickly on a neglected rug. This is often caused by moisture in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen where there is an excess of water. If you need tile & grout cleaning, chances are any nearby rugs are at risk of fungal growth.

It may seem a bit counterintuitive, but steam cleaning can do a lot to remove fungi. What matters most is that the moisture from the steam machine is properly dried, so it does not create the opportunity for more fungus to grow. A professional carpet cleaning company in Monrovia will make sure their cleaning does not result in more fungus.

2. Grease

Anything that is oil-based is going to spread without being easy to clean. As opposed to just being oil, grease is an oil with an added thickener. The spreadability of grease is what makes it so difficult to deal with.

There are many food products and bodily fluids that have grease-like qualities. Once they fall on the rug, they need to be properly cleaned, or they risk semi-permanent or permanent staining. You are not going to be able to just vacuum over an oily stain, but you might spread it around.

3. Allergens

Certain things on this list can be considered allergens, but there are more innocuous causes of allergic reactions. Even if you are not overly allergic to pets, pet dander is still going to increase the amount of irritation in the mucus membranes of your eyes and nose.

The main issue with allergens is how small they are. How small are they? Microscopic. You need something particularly strong to remove them from your rug. Vacuuming will help with many allergens, but for the most extensive cleaning, contact a rug cleaning service.

4. Toxins

Not every chemical is toxic to the human body, but those that are, can lead to many immediate and long-term health complications. If you are not using a reputable Monrovia carpet cleaner, sometimes your cleaning process can utilize chemicals that produce lingering toxic fumes.

Even certain pet stains, such as those left by house cats, can create health complications. Pregnant women, children, and the eldery are especially susceptible to these types of contaminants. Make sure your rug cleaning service uses green cleaning products to reduce this risk.

5. Dust Mites

Similar to fungi, dust mites are living organisms. They move into a rug and subsist on bits of moisture and consume dust particles like tiny bits of dead skin. As living organisms, they shed as well, and they also defecate. These droppings can be inhaled, causing allergic reactions.

It is easy to see what is so disgusting about these little bugs, but unfortunately, they are not easily cleaned away with a vacuum. Forcing these critters out of your rug fibers will take professional intervention with a steam cleaning machine.

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